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Brazil13/06/2012 |
Law should prevent recovery of devastated areas

Starting today, ISA will post a series of articles about the worst aspects of the bill which proposes to revoke the Forest Code, approved in the House of Representatives. In this first article, we discuss an important natural asset that is threatened by changes in the law: Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs), which are the main tool for environmental protection of water resources, crop and livestock production and vulnerable areas in the country

Brazil13/06/2012 |
Restoration of PPAs threatened by revoking of Forest Code

This second article in the series by ISA about the most controversial points in revoking of the Forest Code, as approved by the House of Representatives at the end of last month, shows how the bill threatens forest recovery projects. The pardon for those who cleared illegally and the drastic cut in protected areas in rural properties set forth in the new law tend to discourage farmers who take part in these activities

Brazil13/06/2012 |
Proposal endangers wetlands

The third article in the series by ISA this week about the bill approved by the House of Representatives to revoke the Forest Code shows that the proposal removes protection from ecosystems that have extremely high ecological relevance and fundamental importance for maintenance of water reserves in the country. The so-called wetlands account for nearly 20% of the national territory and, according to scientists, due to their strategic importance, are worthy of special protection


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