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Monitoring of Protected Areas

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The main objective of this program is to produce and publicize information that can influence decisions about public policies and government actions concerning the defense of collective rights and the protection and conservation of Brazil’s environmental heritage. The program bases its operations on a georeferenced databank on Protected Areas (Indigenous Territories and Federal and state Conservation Units) as well as other public lands (military areas and mining reserves), which are compared with information on various topics at the national level.

Staff members: 
Fany Pantaleoni Ricardo
Anthropologist, Coordinator
Alicia Rolla
Geographer, Geoprocessing Analyst
Selma Aparecida Gomes
Environmental Research Analyst
Tiago Moreira dos Santos
Anthropologist - Environmental Research Analyst
Silvia de Melo Futada
Biologist - Environmental Research Analyst
Marília Garcia Senlle
Ecologist, Technical Research and Environmental Development
João Ricardo Rampinelli
Web developer
Silvio Carlos Pereira Lima Filho
Web developer
Julia Carvalho Navarra
Marina Spindel
Environmental Research Technician
Luana Lopes de Lucca
Partnerships and Funding sources: 
Fundação Betty & Gordon Moore
Financial Support
Embaixada da Noruega
Financial Support
Cafod - Agência Católica para o Desenvolvimento /Fundo de Pequenos Projetos
Financial Support