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Gunmen attack village in Capoto Jarina Indigenous Land, territory of chief Raoni

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Shooting was carried out against the sanitary barrier built by the indigenous to maintain social isolation. The Kayapó fear new attacks
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Last night (24), two armed invaders entered the Capoto Jarina Indigenous Land (Mato Grosso State), after destroying and shooting at least 29 times against the sanitary barrier built by the indigenous at the entrance to the territory. By car, they passed by the Piaraçu village and went to the municipality of São José do Xingu. No one was hurt, but the Kayapó fear new attacks.

The village leaders contacted the police, which went there at the same night. A police report was registered and the suspects are under investigation. Afraid of retaliation, the indigenous people will keep distance from what remained from the barrier, built to maintain the communities isolated and protect them from Covid-19.

In a statement, the Raoni Institute, which represents the Kayapó people, repudiated the attack: “In the middle of the chaos imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, attacks and threats against the physical integrity of the territories and indigenous peoples are frequent episodes in our country. The Raoni Institute repudiates all violent manifestations, disrespect and intolerance against indigenous people and demands a response from the authorities regarding this attack”, says the letter.

The Capoto Jarina Indigenous Land, chief Raoni’s home, already has two deaths and 114 cases of Covid-19. The sanitary barrier was built in March, to avoid the circulation of people within the territory, which is cut by the MT-322 road.



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